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Moreish Cakes – More Wrap Even Baking Strip



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More Wraps will help maintain even baking temperatures inside your cakes, reducing surface browning, cracked tops, volcano/muffin tops. This means less wastage when slicing up your cake layers.

The double density felt inside the More Wraps is unique with a strong exterior fabric and thicker cotton lining will ensuring a more even bake & outlasting the competition.

More Wraps is adjustable for a snug fit for each cake tin in the Wrap’s range. Ensure you utilise the right sized Wrap for your tin not exceeding the Wrap tin size recommendations.

More Wraps are available in various lengths depending on the size of your cake tins.

4” High available in

3” to 8” round and 3” to 6” square

9” to 11” round and 6” to 9” square



Step 1 – Select correct More Wraps size to suit your baking tin (use the guide above)

Step 2 – Submerge entire Wrap in water. Remove excess water by gently squeezing

– do not wring it out.

Step 3 – Pour your batter into your cake tin.

Step 4 – Wrap your More Wraps around the outside of your cake tin, using the

fastening belts for a snug fit.

Step 5 – Bake your cake as normal – we recommend reducing your oven temp by 10 to 20 degrees and increase your baking time from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the tin size and batter quantity.


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